The power of

The Power of Connections

Powering personal
consumer connections,
coast to coast

EBM is the industry leader in connecting consumers with brands across Canada.

Sampling is the most effective way to introduce new and innovative products to your potential consumers. When polled, 79% of customers said sampling was the most effective way to introduce them to new products

EBM engages with over 24 million Canadians per year, making us the largest in the industry.

We influence consumer’s shopper behavior where they shop, work and play. According to a study, shoppers subconsciously feel a duty to make a purchase of an item after sampling.

EBM brings your brand to ALL major retailers in Canada.

We hold working relationships with all major retailers across Canada and we are part of over 7200 brand launches since inception and growing. You also find our sampling events at major transit stops, malls, festivals and feet on the street incepts.

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Multiple ways
to connect

National in store sampling campaign management.

We plan, coordinate, train and evaluate sampling campaigns at all major grocers across Canada. Our at retail sampling events deliver on average a 675% sales lift, selling an incremental 375% over non-participating stores.

Connect with people where they work and play.

Connecting with people at point of purchase is powerful, however EBM specializes in reaching potential consumers at events, transits, festivals and malls through guerrilla marketing and branded trucks.

Fortify your brand’s message through print and digital.

EBM designs, prints, fulfills and ships customized marketing materials to create greater impact. Custom aprons, posters, tent cards, coupons, displayers, table wraps, front of store signage and much more. Additionally we craft promotional websites to amplify your brand’s message with consumers at point of interaction.

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A sampling
of our clients

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EBM brings your
brand to life at all
major retailers in Canada.

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About EBM

A higher standard

EBM empowers your brand through connections.
Our mission is to drive sales through building trial and awareness of today’s great brands by positively engaging with consumers.

Over 100 years of combined team industry experience.
• Started in 2006
• Over 240,000,000 samples distributed
• Over 7,500 brands launched
• 25% of samples converted to purchases
• Average program sales lift 675%
• 375% incremental lift vs non event stores

The EBM Guarantee
As part of our commitment to exceptional performance, we independently mystery shop all programs.
Any events that score below our high standards are refunded 100%.

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