The 5 Senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing & Sight

These are the oldest and most powerful ways to connect with your shopper.
EBM has harnessed the power of sensory connection, to perfect the “art of shopper engagement”.
  • 2006 Birth of E
    EBM’s vision was to provide Retailers, Manufacturers and Shoppers with positive and impactful shopper engagement experiences.
  • 2007 Stronger Conversion
    Increased average sales to samples from 1: 6 to 1: 4
  • 2008 Exclusive Partnerships
    Earned exclusive partnerships with more than 12 tier one manufacturers who still entrust their brands to EBM today.
  • 2009 Hit Landmark
    EBM reached over 50 million shoppers since opening our doors.
  • 2010 Shopper Engagement
    EBM officially became the largest shopper engagement company in Canada.
  • 2011 Category Database
    EBM launched a category database enabling them to measure performance, drive success and create accountability.
  • 2012 Guaranteed Accountability
    EBM was the 1st shopper engagement company to hire a mystery shopping company to audit compliance on all of our in-store managed events.
  • 2013 Exclusive to Metro Grocery Retailers
    EBM was awarded exclusivity to manage the shopper engagement program for a major retailer.