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2013 BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study

1. Does EBM have field Staff?
No, EBM is a management company, we contract the agencies that recruit and deploy the field into the stores.
2. How does EBM determine which agency to hire?
EBM contracts the agencies based upon the following criteria and conditions, agency exclusivity to the retailer or strength of the agency in relation to the client’s needs.
3. Does EBM provide scan data showing sales lift?
Yes, EBM has access to scan data from retailer provding the retailer has the technology to access this data post event.
4. How does EBM control the quality and consistency of the consumer engagement at store level?
EBM manages an estimated 45 % of all sampling in Canada; as such we have become the agencies we hire and retailers largest consumer engagement partner. We leverage our size to provide our clients with the best available Event Specialist available to work on your programs. In addition, EBM hires a mystery shopping copy to audit events conducted in the stores.
5. How much lead time is required to deliver a successful event?
We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks lead time, however we can turn around successfully with 8 weeks notice providing availability in the stores.
6. Can EBM get into ALL Canadian Retailers?
Yes, EBM is able to provide coverage coast to coast at all retailers, providing the retailer permits sampling and demonstrations in their stores, with the exception of Costco?